"After 35 years of being in and around 12-Step Recovery this is the ONE tool I wish I had from the beginning."

My name is Charlie Mills...

My mission is to save lives & build leaders.

I do this to save lives….


People are dying. I’ve been to too many wakes, held too many grieving parents, children, siblings, clients, friends and colleagues.


In 2018, over 85,000 people died from opioid related overdose in the USA alone. This happened despite the availability of a wide range of support... Insurance based and non-profit based recovery resources ranging from detox, to residential inpatient treatment, to outpatient treatment, psychotherapy, 12-Step recovery groups, spiritual advisors...


Yet 85,000 people are dead. 85,000 families impacted. 85,000 fathers and mothers. 85,000 husbands and wives, 85,000 sons and daughters, brothers and sisters.


We need a different conversation. A more personal, impactful, effective and LIFE SAVING approach to help those searching for recovery to finally create the lasting change they are searching for but can’t seem to achieve. 


I made a quick video for you below explaining a little bit about this and how you can get connected with me, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


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